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Food Plots

Planting food plots is the easiest way to attract wildlife to your property.  Not only does it allow you to control where wildlife will be, it also allows you the ability to plant the crops that are targeted specifically to a particular species and for the specific nutrients that they require.  Planting a food plot is not just planting seeds.  This is something that we cannot stress enough.  In order for you to have a successful plot, it will require lots of work; from beginning to end.  We will gladly meet with you and let you know the best option for your land.  Although the work is hard, over time, your rewards will be great!

Black Soil

Soil Sampling

Required For All Plans

In order to establish a successful food plot it is necessary to take a soil sample to determine what your land requires.

Sunflower Field

Single Planting

May Require Maintenance Plan

We offer the option of planting a single crop for your food plots.  Please be aware that this may require a maintenance plan in order for this to be a successful plot.

Aerial View of Orchard

Yearly Contract

Maintenance Plan

Having a thriving and successful food plots requires an extensive amount of work.  We can create a unique plan specific to your land that will involve yearly maintenance.

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